Client has an automobile soak room facility in Maharashtra where newly painted vehicles are brought for cooling at a specified temperature & humidity percentage. Client required a calculation of dynamics of air flow of HVAC system and wanted a CFD report for the same.

Project Summary:

  • Data of soak room such as dimensions of room, properties of HVAC system, heat load on room are received from client.
  • A 3D model of soak room is prepared where cars are positioned as per client’s data. All cars are arranged in multi-storey racks with aisle space between different rows of racks.
  • Car bodies, engines and room model are assigned different boundary conditions and corresponding heat loads are assigned to ceiling, walls of room. Car body and engine had a different temperature when brought in and HVAC action started.
  • Cold air slowly brought down the car and engine temperature to the required level within 4 hours.
  • All the 3D designing and CFD simulations are carried on SOLIDWORKS platform.
  • Whole 3D designing and simulation of this model is carried out and delivered to the client within 4 weeks of data received.