Power & Energy Sector

Energy is the basic necessary of the economic development of any country. Energy exists in different form in nature but the most important one is electrical energy. We understand electrical energy very well by virtue of our experience.

We at Ingenyria are capable of providing solutions which are secure, economical, efficient, resilient and sustainable in the long run under challenging scenarios. As an organization we can cover a large spectrum of the sector and are able to provide services such as;

  • Electrical system design, electrical network design.
  • Electrical calculation which includes cable size determination, conduit size calculations, voltage drop calculations and many more.
  • High end studies like short circuit, arc flash study, protective device coordination and harmonics distortion analysis.
  • Energy efficient distribution network design which can be achieved by designing energy efficient transformers, UPS system, efficient motors, LT distribution system and various other measures towards the energy efficiency.
  • Switchgear Design and assembling.
  • System refurbishing and retrofitting.
  • Earthing system design and installation.
  • Integrated lightning protection design and installation for structure and electrical & communication network.
  • Electrical equipment testing.
  • Commissioning of switchgear and switchyard.
  • Design and installation of solutions for power factor improvement and harmonics improvement.