Client has an automobile test cell facility in Maharashtra where it required 2 different types of CATWALK steel structure to be built for equipment laying & supervision.

Project Summary:

  • A preliminary layout of CATWALK is discussed & finalized with client, as per site requirement.
  • A structural drawing of CATWALK structure was prepared with all the necessary details like dimension of member section, nut-bolt sizes and joint connection details. This structure is designed such that it remain stable to all the dead loads, acting loads & forces generated during operation in Test cell. Structure is anchored to the test cell at beams & column areas after considering the structural design of test cell.
  • Finally, a complete CATWALK structure design is presented to the client that contains all the safety provisions (railings, ladder cage etc.). Drawings are prepared on AutoCAD platform while load analysis for stability of structure was carried out on STAAD Pro.
  • A complete BOM/BOQ is also provided to the client with details of quantity & corresponding cost to be incurred in procurement, fabrication of material and time scale of the project.
  • All the deliverables were provided to the client within 2 weeks of first discussion.