BRIEF: Electrical distribution network (form HT to LT) is needed to restructure due to the load expansion of the site. Hence, Client has introduced us to analyse the requirements and design switchgear according to load growth.

Client’s Challenge:

  • Revamping of existing electrical distribution network will lead to a complete shut-down of the manufacturing unit.
  • Client is seeking both effective engineering and cost saving.
  • Focus on Environment, Health & safety with restricted timelines.

Our Solution:

  • We have studied the existing electrical system and proposed a design of electrical system as per the above mentioned inputs and additional expertise from our side. Reduction in cost has been achieved by value engineering.
  • Technical specifications, layout drawings, SLDs, revised drawings incorporating changes and detailed estimates including bill of quantities has been prepared. Also studied total load requirement i.e. existing and proposed load for a given time horizon.
  • Provided consultancy for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the network.
  • A temporary but safe and rigid electrical network has been built to serve essential loads at the time of revamping and restructuring the network.
  • Safety, quality, health and management has been achieved by our rigorous policies on site SOP, integrated schedules and coordination with the contractor.